Lesson Plan

The Question of Home

Read a short text about the reality of life after the war in Displaced Person (DP) camps. Students will engage with the content by exploring a variety of questions about the post-war situation for Holocaust victims.

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The Holocaust
DP Camps

Enduring Understanding

The process of rebuilding lives after the Holocaust was often long, painful, and arduous.

Essential Question

  • 1Why was it so complicated for Jewish survivors to rebuild after the war? How was this affected by the concept of "home"?


5 Min

Lead a class discussion, asking students what they think of when they think of the word “home.” What does home mean to them?


15 Min

Read the resource, Displaced Persons by Echoes & Reflections with the class, taking time to answer questions and clarify if necessary.

Take time to look at the statistics of Jewish DP’s in camps by 1946, pointing out that these were the majority of the survivors remaining in continental Europe from the population of about 10 million in 1933. Point out that many were forced to live in Displaced Person (DP) camps, often built within Nazi camp structures scattered across Europe.


30 Min

Have students take 10-15 minutes to fill in their answers at the bottom of the resource they read  by Echoes & Reflections. Once they finish, return as a class to go over their answers.

Lastly, return to the question of home. Has their idea of what home means changed from the start of the lesson?

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