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Finding Home

A New Life

Students will learn about the difficult circumstances that survivors faced after the war in rebuilding their lives, and learn about the different factors in many people's decision not to return to the countries where they had previously lived.


No Man’s Land

Students will learn about the pre-genocide expulsion of Jews that took place in 1938. This lesson will open a discussion about refugees, statelessness, and international complicity.


The Effect of Deportation

Hear the testimony of a man forced out of his home country during the Nazi’s program of mass deportations. This lesson will also introduce students to an ongoing debate about whether or not genocide was always Hitler’s intention, or the result of a failure to expel the Jews from Europe.

DP Camps

The Heavy Price of Freedom

Explore images of liberation and life within Displaced Person (DP) camps. Students will read survivor testimony about their bittersweet experiences immediately following the war and Allied occupation of Europe.

DP Camps

The Question of Home

Read a short text about the reality of life after the war in Displaced Person (DP) camps. Students will engage with the content by exploring a variety of questions about the post-war situation for Holocaust victims.

Finding Home

There’s No Life in a Cemetery

Students will hear the story of one survivor, Raye David, and discuss topics surrounding the concept of home, how survivors rebuilt their lives after the war, the kinds of things that they deemed most important in rebuilding their lives, and why they chose not to return to the countries where they were born.