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Boycotts and Segregation

Students will read through resources by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum on Jewish life in prewar Germany and on the boycotts of Jewish businesses. Students will be guided through a conversation about minorities, boycotts, and segregation.

World War II

Defying the Treaty of Versailles

Explore the secret preparations made by Hitler as he geared up for war. Read through a secondary source, with excerpts from some primary sources, in order to get an understanding of how these actions were viewed. Explained as defensive measures, Hitler began increasing the military, reconstructing the German air force, and taking back the Rhineland.


From Citizens to Outcasts

Watch a video detailing the steps taken to isolate Jews from German life. Open up into a conversation about the precursors the world should be on the lookout for when seeing human rights violations taking place around the globe.


Propaganda and the Third Reich

Gain an understanding of the depth of which Hitler and Joseph Goebbels were able to indoctrinate the general public with their ideology. This reading will help students understand the reach of propaganda during Nazi Germany and how this transformed the nation.