Lesson Plan

Pledging Allegiance

Students will compare the original German soldiers’ oath to the one created by Hitler.

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Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler

Enduring Understanding

Dictatorial leaders consolidate power by requiring absolute loyalty to them.

Essential Questions

  • 1How does taking an oath affect a person’s actions?
  • 2How does an oath to defend a Constitution differ from an oath to support a specific leader?


5 Min

Ask the class, What is an oath? What purpose does it mean to take an oath?


10 Min

Direct students to the resource, ‘Pledging Allegiance’ by Facing History and Ourselves. Divide the class into groups of 3-5 and have them read through the resource as a group.


10 Min

In their groups of 3-5, have students discuss the Connection Questions at the bottom of the resource page.

Teacher Primer

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