Lesson Plan

Antisemitism After Hitler

Explore a summary of contemporary antisemitism, spanning the history between World War II and today.

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Enduring Understanding

Antisemitism is an ongoing issue throughout the world.

Essential Question

  • 1Why are certain forms of hatred so difficult to overcome?


10 Min

Ask your students if they have heard the term antisemitism before. If they have, how do they understand it? Guide discussion toward the definition from the Anti-Defamation League to set the stage for the rest of the lesson.


20 Min

Turn toward the reading about Contemporary Antisemitism from Echoes & Reflections. Begin by reading the first section aloud as a class, answering any questions or defining words about which the students require clarification.

Then, divide the class into two groups.

  • Members of group 1 should read the section on Post-Holocaust Antisemitism.
  • Members of group 2 should read the section on Antisemitism Today.

Have every student read their section individually. Then pair with another member of their group to clarify the main points, questions, and challenges.


20 Min

Finally, ask group 1 pairs to partner with group 2 pairs.
Have each pair share their summary of the section they read. What were the most important parts, what questions do they have, what is their understanding of the historical era being addressed?

Then, ask the quartet to answer the following set of questions:

  1. What ties these two eras of hatred together? How are they similar?
  2. What distinguishes the two eras of hatred?
  3. Antisemitism has been called a conspiracy theory: what parts strike you in this way?
  4. If Antisemitism was foundational to the Holocaust and remains prevalent today, should we be concerned about the possibility of a repeated catastrophe?
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