How does it work?

Holocaust education is a tricky landscape. Our tool helps you stay oriented and get where you want to go.

Our Map provides you with a bird’s eye view of Holocaust education.

Four Domain Model

The vast expanse of Holocaust education is separated into four Domains. We help you answer the question ‘what should I teach?’

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Use Best Practices

Teaching the Holocaust requires the best methods available. Learn the ropes to keep your class on track and get the most out of the experience.

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Research the Subject

Research by domain to familiarize yourself with the history and move fluidly between your own exploration and lessons you can teach.

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We source materials from the greatest institutions around the world and create simple lesson plans you can use right away.

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How can this approach help me teach?

We keep it simple so you can stay confident.

We created a basic rubric.

By using our Four Domain Model, you can quickly see the landscape you should explore, while enjoying the freedom to combine resources with confidence.

Our lessons are neatly organized.

Each domain is split into subject areas, which make it easy to identify what will interest your students and examine it at greater depth.

Subject areas are further divided into topics that zoom in on the details and make the history vibrate with specificity. Mix and match the topics that make sense for your classroom.

You teach what you want.

As you explore each domain, subject area and topic, pick lessons that fit your schedule and match your focus. Simply keep in mind that you should have a balance of lessons from each domain. You’re in the driver’s seat; we give you the map.

Use our ready-made lesson plans.

Lesson plans are color-coded so you know where they belong in our Four Domain Model. They are ready to use because they have been prepared by a team of expert teachers pulling from the best resources in the world.

The Four Domain Model works like the four cardinal directions.

Well-rounded Holocaust Education is balanced across all four domains. We recommend teaching the domains in the following order for maximum clarity.
Domain 01


Discover Antisemitism’s roots and examine its horrifying consequences.
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Domain 02

Nazi Germany

Explore the rise of the Third Reich and their sinister political agenda.
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Domain 03

The Holocaust

Bear witness to one of the worst events in history and the resilience of those who survived.
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Domain 04


Examine the roles of people during the Holocaust and tease out lessons about life today.
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