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We’ve created curated bundles of lessons that demonstrate our Four Domain Model and help you fast track your planning.

Recommended Collections Grades 5-8


Fight Hate

Introduce your students to how the Jews resisted Nazi persecution and discuss the ways in which the Holocaust should be remembered.

  • History of Hatred
  • Placing the Blame
  • Dachau Song
  • How Should We Remember?
4 Lessons

The Violence of Racism

Introduce your students to the devastating effects that can evolve from group prejudice and oppression.

  • From Prejudice to Oppression
  • Hitler's Worldview
  • The Nazi Camp System
  • The St Louis Tragedy
4 Lessons

Recommended Collections Grades 9-12


Escalating Violence

Introduce your students to the history of antisemitic pogroms and how they escalated into genocidal violence.

  • Proclamation Inciting a Jewish Pogrom (1903)
  • Kristallnacht - Night of Broken Glass
  • At the Gates of Death
  • Justice and Accountability
4 Lessons

Authorizing Antisemitism

Introduce your students to the history of antisemitism and the ways in which it was used in the preliminary phases of the Holocaust.

  • The Roots of Anti-Judaism
  • Nationalism at the Forefront
  • Valley of Tears
  • Attacking the F├╝hrer
4 Lessons