Lesson Plan

Law Against Overcrowding in Schools

Students will learn about the laws enacted in 1933 restricting the number of Jewish students in German public schools.

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Nazi Germany

Enduring Understanding

Laws limiting the number of Jewish students in schools and universities helped to segregate Jews and allowed for antisemitic ideas to be spread in classrooms.

Essential Question

  • 1How can segregation of a group increase prejudice against them?


5 Min

Explain to students that a string of anti-Jewish legislation came into effect in Germany in 1933. These laws segregated Jews from Germans and restricted where they could work, who they could marry, and where they could attend school.


10 Min

Direct students to the resource, Law Limits Jews in Public Schools by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.


10 Min

Discuss the following questions in an open discussion:

  1. Why did the Nazis call this a law “against overcrowding”?
  2. What purpose(s) did it serve to reduce the amount of Jewish students in schools and universities?
  3. How might separating Jewish children from their German classmates impact how they will view one another later in life?

Wisconsin Academic Standards

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