Lesson Plan

From Citizens to Outcasts

Watch a video detailing the steps taken to isolate Jews from German life. Open up into a conversation about the precursors the world should be on the lookout for when seeing human rights violations taking place around the globe.

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Nazi Germany

Enduring Understanding

Isolation and dehumanization, when not countered, allows for increasingly harsh treatments and injustices to take place.

Essential Question

  • 1How did Nazi Germany gradually isolate Jews from society?


10 Min

Ask students, what is segregation? Have them come up with some examples of ways in which people can be segregated from one another. Open the class into a brief conversation about segregation by asking the questions below.

  1. Can segregation occur naturally? (city lines, areas of ethnic concentration, etc.)
  2. What problems can segregation cause?


15 Min

Pull up the video, From Citizens to Outcasts, by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Introduce the video by reading through the context that can be found directly above the Discussion Question. Provide students with the question below prior to starting the video. While they watch, have students take notes to answer it.

How did Nazi Germany gradually isolate, segregate, impoverish, and incarcerate Jews and persecute other perceived enemies of the state between 1933 and 1939?


30 Min

Reiterate to students that Nazi Germany took great measurers in order to dehumanize the Jews. Propaganda made them out to be enemies of the state. These tactics made many non-Jewish Germans take little notice or regard for the mistreatment and grave injustice that would continue against the Jews.

Divide the class into groups of five. Provide the groups with the instructions below. Give students the opportunity and time to research if necessary.

  1. Answer the question, What lesson does looking back at Nazi Germany’s mistreatment of Jews teach us about present day injustices?
  2. Think of a current or recent example where you can see an injustice being done against a particular group.
    1. Who is this group?
    2. Why are they being persecuted against?
    3. What is being said about them?
    4. What injustices are being taken out against them?
    5. Is there potential that things could escalate?
  3. Prepare a brief presentation on the group you chose to highlight. Presentations can be done verbally, or if desired, with PowerPoint or Prezi.
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