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Bystander’s Guilt

Students will learn the definition of being a bystander to the Holocaust. They will have the opportunity to think critically about what it really means to be a bystander, the different levels of inactivity and passivity, and whether or not calling oneself a bystander deflects responsibility.


Bystanders in a Small Town

Watch a video on bystanders in the small town of Buczacz in the Ukraine by Facing History and Ourselves. Students will catch a glimpse of the side of the Holocaust that was not carried out by systematic murder in the camps.


Deconstructing the Familiar

Complete an activity having students analyze photographs from the Holocaust with and without context; the photos are from the United States Holocaust Memorial site. Students see the actions of perpetrators, bystanders, and victims in these primary sources.



Read through an account by survivor Primo Levi on identity in the camps and then take the class through an activity on dehumanization using the Echoes & Reflections Timeline of the Holocaust.


No Time to Think

Milton Mayer, an American journalist and educator, interviewed people to find out how they reacted to Hitler’s policies. Students will read a testimony from a German professor on his being a bystander during the Nazi era.


Revisiting the Past

Listen to a podcast episode from We Share the Same Sky presented by USC Shoah Foundation. Students will hear about the host’s experience visiting Sobibor extermination camp and her connection to the victims.


Some Were Neighbors

Explore an online exhibition from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum titled, “Some Were Neighbors.” Students will look into the different categories of collaborators that assisted in carrying out the Holocaust.


The Circle

Learn the story of Mildred Fish Harnack, a Milwaukee-born woman famous for her role in the underground resistance in Germany. Mildred was the only American civilian killed on the direct order of Hitler.