Lesson Plan

The Final Stage of Genocide

Give your students a detailed background to Holocaust denial and its pernicious hold on people throughout the world.

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Enduring Understanding

Holocaust denial is an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Essential Question

  • 1Why would someone wish to deny the truth about the past?


10 Min

Note that denial is part of the process of genocide. Ask your students what they make of this fact: how is denial part of genocide?


Think: Give students 5 minutes to think and write about how they understand denial to be part of the process of genocide.

Pair: Then provide 5 more minutes to pair with another student to articulate their perspective.

Share: Finally, ask them to report out to the larger group: how do they understand this concept?


20 Min

Provide students with the Anti-Defamation League Resource on Holocaust Denial and ask them to read the ‘Know It’ section. Have them read with the 3Ps method: They should take notes on what they find to be the most a) Powerful b) Puzzling and c) Propelling.

In order to familiarize yourself, and your class with this model, please look over this guide: 3Ps: A Critical Reading Guide.

Given them 15 minutes to read and record their responses. Then ask students to pair and share with a classmate for 5 minutes

You may want to collect the 3Ps and the final paired work for your records or additional work.


10 Min

Finally, ask each group to consolidate an answer to the initial question about denial as a stage of genocide. How do they understand Holocaust denial as a continuation of the Holocaust itself. Give 5 minutes for the group to compose an answer before prompting them to share with everyone.

Wisconsin Academic Standards

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