Lesson Plan

Art and Politics

Explore the relationship between art and politics by analyzing pieces from the Weimar Republic.

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Nazi Germany

Enduring Understanding

The art scene during the Weimar Republic reflected the freedom of expression that came along with the new democracy. Many used art as a way of processing the war or expressing dissatisfaction with the political environment.

Essential Question

  • 1What is the correlation between art and politics?


10 Min

Begin by asking students what art means to them. Next, ask students to name different types of art and write down these responses in a communal space.


20 Min

Pull up the Visual Essay: Free Expression in the Weimar Republic by Facing History and Ourselves. Read the Introduction to the Visual Essay as a class and scroll through the different artworks. Prompt students to look at the art and think about what they see, what the piece represents, and whether or not it sheds a positive light on Germany. The brief descriptions accompanying each piece should help.


15 Min

In pairs or small groups, have students respond to the three questions at the bottom of the visual essay. Give students approximately 10 minutes to discuss on their own before opening up into a class discussion to go over their answers.

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