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Wannsee Conference


Students will watch a clip of the 1984 German film Die Wannseekonferenz, witnessing how Nazi officials controlling various facets of German bureaucratic life worked together to make decisions surrounding the minutiae involved in organizing the genocide of 11 million people.

Medieval Anti-Judaism

Foils and Scapegoats

Students will read a short Anti-Defamation League article about antisemitism in the medieval period. They will then read, analyze, and present a short primary source detailing an act or written piece of antisemitism from the medieval period.

Adolf Hitler

My Struggle

Read through excerpts from some of Adolf Hitler's written works from before and after his appointment as chancellor. Students will gain an understanding for the rhetoric used and how it was put into the context of a problem to be solved in Germany.


Propaganda and the Third Reich

Gain an understanding of the depth of which Hitler and Joseph Goebbels were able to indoctrinate the general public with their ideology. This reading will help students understand the reach of propaganda during Nazi Germany and how this transformed the nation.


Revisiting the Past

Listen to a podcast episode from We Share the Same Sky presented by USC Shoah Foundation. Students will hear about the host’s experience visiting Sobibor extermination camp and her connection to the victims.