Lesson Plan

Antisemitism Now

Watch a compelling video about antisemitism as it manifests in the world today, with insights from global experts on the subject.

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Enduring Understanding

Antisemitism undermines the foundations of democracy.

Essential Question

  • 1How does antisemitism undermine democracy all over the world?


10 Min

At the opening of the video, Samatha Power says, “it would be a grave mistake to view antisemitism as something that merely affects the Jewish people.” Provide this short quote to your students before viewing the video and prompt them to pre-write about it. What do they think it means? How can this be so? Give them 5 minutes to compose some thoughts and then ask them to share.


20 Min

Watch Antisemitism Today by the USHMM. The video is complex and might be broken down for clarity by pausing between the following sections.

At the conclusion of each section, ask students to reflect on what they understood, what confused them, and what questions they have about the subject. Give space to address these insights.

Beginning to 1:35: What is antisemitism and why it is a problem for democracy
1:35 – 3:00: Two non-governmental manifestations, Islamic & Right Wing extremism
3:00 – 4:35: Antisemitism and its relationship to anti-Zionism and Holocaust denial
4:35 – End: The threat to society created by antisemitism


15 Min

After the discussion of the video is over and students are feeling comfortable with the information, return to the quote highlighted by Samatha Powers:

“It would be a grave mistake to view antisemitism as something that merely affects the Jewish people.”

Ask your students to expand on their initial writing by answering the following questions:

  1. What do they take from this statement now?
  2. What can be done to respond to this truth?
  3. How might they participate in resisting antisemitism?

Give students 10 minutes to reflect on these questions.
If time permits, have students share their reflections in small groups or full class discussion.

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